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Vorshlag Spherical Rear Shock Mounts, 2015+ S550 Mustang - Clevis mount Coilover Applications (pair)

Vorshlag has been making shock mounts for many years, for a variety of chassis: Corvette, many BMW applications, NA/NB Miata, 86 and more. These rear mounts are specifically for the the 2015-19 Mustang "S550" chassis when using eye-to-eye shocks.  These shock mounts are big, beefy, and as strong as a tank.

Everyone who has run coilover rears knows that these will fail once you move all of the suspension loads through the rubber bushing. We offer a spherical upper mount for coilover use with a "pin" upper shock, and now we also offer a dual-mount shcok mount for an "eye" upper shock. 

We make these clevis style S550 shock mounts 100% in house with CNC cut steel plate parts TIG welded in our production fixtures. The spacing between the mounting ears is 1.00" wide and the holes for the thru-bolt for the shock is 7/16" (.4375"). You are responsible for supplying the spacers and hardware to mount your eye shock. Also, please measure the upper eye portion to make sure you have clearance for the top end of the damper. We left plenty of space. 


Another feature of the Vorshlag shock mount design is the dual mounting positions. The "top" position shown above adds 1.5" of additional shock stroke, which is helpful when using coilover rear shocks made to the stock length on a lowered car. Most users should mount these as shown, which will gain much needed "bump" travel in the rear dampers. The "lower" holes match the OEM position and can be used for stock ride height setups (which are very rare).

We developed these mounts for a professional racing team that prefers to use eye-to-eye shocks when possible. After track testing this solution with our customer's racecars we are very happy with the design. We recommend these clevis mounts these when using any coilover rear "eye" shocks on the S550 chassis.

Call if you have any questions about this option - this is not needed on many coilover S550 rear spring setups.