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GT350 / GT500 suspension

Vorshlag S550 (2015-up) Mustang Camber/Caster Plates & OEM Perches

It took a nearly complete redesign of our existing S550 camber plates to make them have the same "stack-up height" as the OEM top mounts, but we managed to do it and not lose any of the features we are known for: radial bearing upper spring perch design, massive spherical bearing, and camber + caster adjustment.

With this design you can easily adjust camber track side and have the caster set at one of two settings (Stock or +1°). Camber adjustment is about 2.5° of added negative camber over stock. Our over-sized spherical bearings are designed to withstand the rigors of street and track abuse. All of our components are plated for maximum corrosion resistance and long life. Read more about the engineering behind our camber plates here.

Our design includes the CNC machined upper spring perch shown above, which matches the factory front spring diameter as well as all lowering springs offered for the S550 Mustang. And while this design is unique to the EM sized spring, it can easily be upgraded to coilover spring use if you ever upgrade your dampers and springs to 2.25", 60mm, or 2.5" ID coilover springs. Call us for the upgraded spring perches if or when you ever upgrade.

Vorshlag tester Brian M testing our S550 OEM style camber plates - winning the 2016 Texas CAM Challenge

This design can add up to 2.5° of additional negative camber, which keeps the outside front tires flatter when cornering, reducing tire wear and increasing cornering grip. Adding negative camber is one of the FIRST modifications racers do to their cars, and the S550 chassis needs it just like so many others. The car above is running an 18x11" wheel and 315/30/18 BFGoodrich Rival-S tire, and needs the added camber just to fit that tire under the stock fenders. With GT350R springs and our camber plates this car was fast enough to beat 19 CAM-C cars at its first National autocross event. Negative camber helps as much if not more on a road course, too.


  • Compatible with all OEM diameter factory and aftermarket (lowering) springs for S550
  • Works on the 2015-up Mustang Ecoboost, V6, GT and Shelby GT350 and GT350R
  • Installs with basic hand tools, no chassis modifications required.
  • Caster & Camber are independently adjustable.
  • Camber is easily adjustable at the track with simple (metric) hand tools.
  • Caster is adjustable with two fixed positions: factory (middle) and +1 degree (rear)
  • The spherical bearing used in the Vorshlag camber plate is the largest used in any S550 Mustang camber plate on the market. The result has much better durability and wear characteristics than the undersized bearings used in our competitors' plates.
  • Aluminum alloy main plate and steel alloy bearing holder construction - Tough as a tank!
  • All components plated for maximum corrosion resistance and long life.
  • Vorshlag upper spring perches are included and built to fit the strut style you select (see "Spring Perch" drop down option menu, below).

We stock several sizes

Spring Perches: This catalog entry is for the OEM sized front springs and all aftermarket lowering springs. We have another entry in this S550 Suspension section for the various coilover spring options.


Strut Style: Anytime a new chassis hits the track, the aftermarket has to play catch up.  With new suspensions being released we need your help to ensure that new camber plates are being configured correctly.  For us that means we need to know the dimensions of the struts your using to build up a database, as we've done in the past with all the other camber plates we offer.  Please look at the photo below, this is an example of exactly what dimensions we are looking for.  If you are still not sure please contact us!


Note: The 2015+ OEM struts require the use of custom machined M14x2.0 long reach top nut instead of the factory-provided M14x2.0 nylock nut. This ensures full thread engagement for safe usage. These nuts will be included when that strut style is selected and should be installed with a drop of Blue Loctite on the threads, then installed with an impact wrench using the "pulse" method. Please call for installation tips if this is your first time to install spherical top mounts.

Instructions: Please watch this video to see how to tighten the top nut for this version. A drop of blue loctite is needed when installing the included "long reach top nut" that we machine.

We also have an instruction gallery of pictures showing the step by step installation of the S550 camber plate.

Vorshlag branded products are built to order and most are tailored to match your specific application. We CNC machine parts in house, use outside vendors for platings/coatings and laser cut parts, and the bearings and hardware comes from various sources. Due to the myriad variety of components required for different applications, it is possible that delays can occur in the fulfillment of your order. Please contact us before placing your order if you have a time constraint.