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BMW E46 LSx Swap

Vorshlag E46 LS1 Full Length Header Kit, 304SS

Please Note: These LS1 swap parts are made in batches, and can sometimes take weeks to fulfill orders. We prefer to take these orders over the phone, so we can then only charge you for parts as they ship. If you order here, online, your credit card is charged immediately. If you have any questions about ETAs on any parts please call us at 972-422-7170.

This cart entry is for the custom full length headers Vorshlag Motorsports are building for use in BMW E46 chassis LS1 V8 swaps. We are offering this set of headers for sale by themselves but we highly recommend using them in conjunction with our Vorshlag E46 LS1 Motor Mount kit and Vorshlag E46 T56 Transmission Crossmember kits. We also strongly recommend using the Vorshlag low profile E46 Steering Shaft Assembly for additional clearance.

These Vorshlag headers come with with 1.75" diameter, full length primaries made from 16 gauge 304 Stainless Steel tubing, 3/8" Laser Cut flanges, CNC bent primaries & precision formed collectors. All welding on this set of headers is built on production fixtures for accurate repeatability and the best possible fit. Stainless steel weld-on O2 bungs are included, which should be welded in place on the car.

Due to chassis constraints near the collectors the O2 bungs need to be added just downstream of the header V-band collectors, in the after-header portion of the exhaust system (not included). The included pair of V-band "clamps" are from a U.S. parts supplier (not imported junk) and the V-band flanges are made to Vorshlag specs in the USA, and are also 304 Stainless Steel.

Instead of slapping together some off the shelf "block hugger" headers into our kit, we went to whole hog and custom designed a proper, full length exhaust header - just like we did on the E36. These headers will ADD horsepower to the LS1 motor instead of DETRACTING power, like block hugger headers do. This has shown to be as much as a 50 hp difference on a bone stock 5.7L LS1 engine. Lots and lots of development went into the prototype, and we feel the costs are easily justified. Once we had the prototype set perfected we went through many rounds and months of production fixture verification. The final production E46 headers are made in the USA for Vorshlag by a major header manufacturer, based on our prototype header designs, and you can only get them from Vorshlag. There is some trimming to clear two tubes necessary on the driver's side inner fender panel, near the ABS hydraulic pump. Please contact us for more details. We stock stainless ARP header bolts, which are sold separately.

Note: These headers are only made for North American market Left Hand Drive E46 models with any of the LSx family of V8 engines; these WILL NOT FIT RHD E46 cars, nor will they fit any other V8 engine or another BMW chassis. Not an E39, or E30, or Aussie RHD cars, or Small Block Chevy V8s, or anything else you might ask us about. Remember: these fit the LHD E46 LS1.