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6th Gen Wheel Studs, Spacers, Lug Nuts

Vorshlag 19mm Hex M14-1.5 Chrome Steel Lug Nut

These are M14-1.5 lug nuts with a 19mm hex head and a 60 degree taper to seat (not ball seat). These are quality lug nuts made for us by an Italian manufacturer. Vorshlag "chrome" lug nuts actually use a clear zinc coating that provides better corrosion resistance than chrome, while providing the same look. This catalog entry is for A SINGLE LUG NUT ONLY.

Lug nuts are wear items that should be replaced every 2-4 racing seasons, or even sooner in road salt environments. Replace the tired, old lug nuts that came with your car with these Long Reach Nuts for better thread engagement and more surface area to the wheel. These lug nuts fit most Ford (2015-up Mustang), Posche, and VW vehicles that use an M14-1.5 thread pitch lug nut.

Specifics on the Vorshlag Long Reach Lug Nut:

  • Quality Italian made by a Tier 1 OEM supplier to our specs
  • Extended Taper for more surface area of engagement to wheel face
  • Steel for for an extended life of abuse
  • Longer overall length for additional thread engagement on the wheel stud
  • Tensile Strength: 150,000 psi
  • Recommended torque on the lug nuts is 105 lb-ft, using a light coating of anti-seize. The stock torque spec on an M14 lug nut is a whopping 150 ft-lbs but we had no problem using 105 for 2 seasons on the same lugs. 
  • We recommend the use of a light application of anti-seize thread lubricant for more consistent lug nut torque
  • Vorshlag keeps 1000+ of these lug nuts in stock

Details of the M14-1.5 long reach lug nut are shown above. Not the longer threaded length, extended taper seat, and 19mm hex. Many M14 OEM nuts have a 21 or 22mm hex, which makes it difficult if not impossible to use them with aftermarket wheels that tend to have smaller "lug wells".

We have tested these M15-1.5 lug nuts on dozens of cars, including our shop 2018 Mustang GT. There is no finer lug nut for this application!