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Whiteline MAX-G Coilover Kit for S550 Ford Mustang GT

Whiteline's MAX-G coilovers utilize race proven, monotube, adjustable inverted damper technology, producing an extremely strong damper, providing superior suspension geometry under heavy lateral and braking loads for both road and track applications. The large 44.5mm diameter inverted strut shaft delivers increased surface area loading, eliminating 'bending' during high impact loading that is associated with conventional dampers. The MAX-G Coilovers also incorporate a 12 click rebound adjustment to increase in rebound damping force, delivering improvements in vehicle body motion without making the car overly stiff on compression.

Whiteline's MAX-G coilovers are perfect for everyday daily driver use and track racing utilizing the customized damper to spring rate ratio whilst providing the flexibility to handle mild changes in spring rates. The MAX-G range is hand built in The Netherlands using high quality precision machined components and decades of motorsport experience to ensure optimum performance, longevity and are essential to 'Activate More Grip'. These offer four corner ride height adjustment and rebound damping adjustment.


Above is the spring rate chart we measured here at Vorshlag - and while the front spring is relatively soft, it is still stiffer than the GT or Ecoboost Mustang front factory springs. This Whiteline S550 kit is made to work with the OEM upper spring perch and strut mount up front and OEM rubber upper shock mount out back. Vorshlag can offer optional camber plates with this kit (see options below) as well as with firmer spring rates - see the optional Max-G+ TrackPro version in this S550 Suspension section. Compare pricing between that TrackPro kit with upgraded springs and camber plates vs this regular kit with camber plates, and its pretty close.


  • 30-60mm lowering range and 205 lb/in spring rate for the front
  • 30-60mm lowering range and 535 lb/in spring rate for the rear
  • 12 click rebound damping adjustment
  • Four corner ride height adjustment
  • Includes springs as shown
  • Optional springs and camber/caster plates available from Vorshlag
  • Works with the top mounts
  • Fits 2015-up S550 Mustang GT models

Camber Plates: The Whiteline Max-G coilovers are designed to work with your OEM top mounts, but why not take a really good suspension and make it even better.  By adding Vorshlag adjustable caster/camber plates you can make the most of this setup.  Easily adjust camber trackside and gain the benefits of improved cornering and less outside shoulder tire wear.