Vorshlag Wheel Stud Installation Kit

The Vorshlag Wheel Stud Installation Kit includes everything you need to install any of our BMW-specific wheel studs. Not everyone needs these parts so we offer them separately, for those that do. The Wheel Stud Installation Kit consists of:

  • One 5.5mm hex drive Allen Wrench, Long L style. This will fit any wheel stud Vorshlag sells
  • One 2mL tube of Vibra-Tite anaerobic "Permanent" red threadlocker (equivalent to Loctite). This is enough to do several wheel stud installations, and is required at the hub-side threads for proper installation.
  • One 2 gram tube of Loctite C5-A Anti-Seize. We highly recommend the use of anti-seize on the outer option of the threads (where the lug nut resides).

Obviously the red threadlocker is used to bond the screw in wheel stud to the wheel hubs - just a drop is needed on the shorter "hub side" of your wheel studs. Once cured it will keep the stud from backing out when you are removing lug nuts at the track. Sometimes heat is needed to help break the bond when removing a wheel stud from an old wheel hub (a torch is helpful). The anti-seize is used on the "lug nut side" of your wheel studs. Again, a drop every few months applied to the outer section of threads will keep the lugs going on and off the wheel studs nicely as well as providing the proper torque specifications without any added "sticktion".

Note: the Allen wrench is used to install the wheel stud but NOT TO REMOVE them. The broached hex drive end on the Vorshlag (or any other) wheel stud is NOT made to be used with stud removal, as the high torque needed to remove a stud that is bonded in place will likely ruin the hex end. Use the double-nut technique to remove any previously installed screw in wheel stud!

A full picture gallery with detailed installation instructions can be found here.