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Vorshlag Seat Mounting Brackets for C6 Corvette with Corbeau RRB Seats

NOTE: These brackets are fabricated in-house and we make them in batches. There is no infinite warehouse with infinite stock of this part. If you need these quickly, PLEASE CALL and we can give you a more accurate ETA. If you have questions, please email or call us. Thanks!


This product entry is for a bracket custom made by Vorshlag to install a tilt-back Corbeau RRB seat into the C6 Corvette. This "chassis bracket" bolts to the factory floorpan holes and provides correctly positioned mounts for the bottom-mount RRB and sliders. This bracket lowers the seat and slider combination as much as we could, as we understand the issues of tall people with helmets in tight cockpits. Corvettes come with fairly horrible seats for tack use, right up until the C7's optional Sport seats. On track these blah C6 seats (even the Z06 version) feel like sitting on a park bench! We had to re-think our entire seat mounting bracket designs to work with the very different spacing of the bottom mount Corbeaus, Instead of re-designing our side mount style seat base brackets, we started over - and mimicked the OEM seat bracket/slider combos. We needed to add the tilt into the brackets, like the OEMs, so the seat sliders forward it also goes UP. On a side mount style seat we can just pick different holes in the side brackets to get the tilt right. Lots of other changes were needed, so it is a whole new seat bracket design.

Key Features

  • Made for C6 Corvette
  • Constructed from TIG welded steel plate, fabricated in-house by Vorshlag
  • Simplifies seat installation for Corbeau RRB seats
  • For use with sliders
  • Gains headroom over stock seats
  • Includes anchor points for use with the sub-belts and the lap belts of a 5/6/7-point racing harness
  • Retains the stock seat belts and tensioners
  • Left and Right side brackets available
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks after ordering for these to be built and painted.

Below: Early development bracket bolted to the stock seat mounting locations

Why did we make these brackets for the C6? It came down to having seen so many other seat brackets on the market first hand. Most were just too flimsy and flexible, some simply did not fit the chassis, others had a "shot gun" blast of random holes, most raised the seat up 1-3 inches higher than necessary. Our Vorshlag mounting brackets are precision CNC cut then bent and welded to fit the mounting holes on the chassis, against our fixtures. The stack-up height of these brackets is minimal - these are just tall enough to clear the floor, and no more. We added five harness anchor holes to the back bracket, and a few handy holes to fasten the pre-tensioner sensor wiring to and keep it out of the way.

Vorshlag seat mounting brackets are built 100% in-house here at Vorshlag.

Below: the stock seat belt and tensioner is retained

Our kit includes anchor locations for harness lap and submarine belt ends. If you use clip-end harnesses, please safety wire the clips on the harness ends once installed.

Please call us before ordering or if you have any other questions.

Choose the appropriate side from the drop down menus. Left and Right are from the driver's seated position.