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Vorshlag S197 SS Braided Brake Line Kit [91-20SB]

Vorshlag Stainless Steel Braided, Teflon Lined Brake Line Kit - Ford S197 Mustang - MADE IN THE USA (DOES NOT FIT 6-Piston Brembo Calipers)

If you are open lapping with your S197, then upgrading to stainless brake flex lines, high boiling point DOT4 brake fluid, and good "track compound" brake pads are one of the first and most important sets of upgrades you can do. The upgraded lines and fluid are just as important to autocrossers too. Vorshlag can help with all of that and more. The Vorshlag S197 brake line kit is unique in that this kit is modeled after the OEM lines, but we've tweaked the lengths so that at full droop in the rear, the flex lines are not holding up the rear axle - like the OEM length rear lines do. And unlike a lot of the lower cost kits out there, the Vorshlag brake lines have ALL of the OEM bracketry, DOT-certified crimped fittings, and are individually pressure tested. You will not find a finer set of brake lines for the 2005-2014 S197 Mustang.

The Vorshlag S197 brake line kit has the best properties of both the OEM lines as well as the added performance and safety of stainless steel braided, racing-style brake flex lines. Materials is a large part of it - the lines themselves are made from high quality Teflon-lined, high pressure rated, stainless steel braided hoses with a red jacketing. These have none of the "expansion" or swell under high brake pressures that the OEM rubber lines have (brake line pressure can exceed 200 psi, which can make OEM rubber flex lines expand and give you a "longer pedal"). This prevents a mushy pedal feel and the brakes will always feel more responsive using flex lines of this type. The stainless steel braid also gives the lines a higher burst strength, the ability to withstand a higher ripping force, and of course a much higher abrasion resistance when compared to the factory rubber lines. The hoses and ends are the highest quality parts available, supplied by BrakeQuip, and all of the hose ends are crimped on a DOT numbered BrakeQuip crimping machine. Each line is made in the USA (Texas specifically) on a fixture and is pressure tested, for the best possible fit, quality, safety and to maintain street legality.

What makes our kit different from all of the rest is that we have made these brake lines route and connect exactly like the OEM brake lines, with all of the unusual, Mustang style brackets and banjo fittings. Most of the other brake line kits we have seen for the S197 chassis have actually been generic brake line kits, missing some of the mounting brackets and locating tabs to mount and "clock" properly. We have installed other brand brake lines for some customers and most of these generic kits just don't fit the chassis properly.

Of course these added features make the Vorshlag S197 brake line kit cost a bit more than the other braided brake line kits out there, but again - these actually fit the Mustang better than stock and are built to the highest quality. The lines attach to the struts using bracketry just like the stock lines so you don't have to resort to holding them in place with a plastic zip-tie. The hard-crimped ends are clocked properly and point in the right directions, for a kink-free installation.

Our motto is Do It Right The First Time. The time and brake fluid wasted re-bleeding a system after a complete flex line change can add up, so save yourself the hassle and frustration of a "complete re-do" when you realize the night before a race that the brake line kit you saved fifty bucks on ... doesn't actually fit. Or worse - when you punt and just "make them fit" and live with the improper routing and missing brackets. It just isn't worth it to skimp on safety items such as brake lines.

Check the other, lower cost brake line kit lines on the market and see if they include all of the brackets that our kit does. Most online vendors don't even show the actual S197 brake lines on their websites, but have a "representative picture" (some random set of brake lines made for another car). At Vorshlag we always take pictures of our products in our photo booth, as well as on our cars - which we test on real race tracks, setting track records at nearly every outing with our S197 Mustang TT3 car.