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Vorshlag Motorsports Bilstein TrackPro Coilovers (NA/NB Miata)


Vorshlag Motorsports is always working to find solutions to improve suspension and performance, whether it be on track, at the autocross, or on the street.  One of the areas we see some of the best gains is with shocks and struts, and the Miata is no different.  We have come up with a solution that is performance oriented and can be tailored to your needs! The Vorshlag TrackPro Coilover system for the NA/NB Miata is packed with great components and features like Aluminum bodies with integral threads, 46mm double digressive pistons, spherical lower mounts, and standard Schraeder valve nitrogen fill.  Vorshlag has worked with Bilstein to develop a custom length for MX5, and they are completed with custom valving.

Vorshlag Motorsports is an authorized Bilstein Motorsports dealer.

Key Features

  • Monotube design front and rear
  • Nitrogen pressure is adjustable if required
  • Includes standard spring hardware
  • Vorshlag Developed Shock Valving
  • TrackPro Kits are bolt in ready

Parts Included:

  • 2 Front Bilstein Motorsports 46mm Monotube Shocks
  • 2 Rear Bilstein Motorsports 46mm Monotube Shocks
  • Front and Rear Springs
  • Front and Rear Vorshlag Tender Springs
  • Front and Rear Shock Mounts (Assembled and ready to install)
  • Bilstein Spanner Wrenches

Choose your options
Choose the appropriate options and model alterations from the drop down menus below.

SPRING RATES : The spring options listed include our standard GT package which has been track tested with the valving we spec for the TrackPro system.  Other springs rates can be used as well, just add in the notes when ordering. We will contact you to discuss spring rates as well as your plans and objectives.

All Hyperco springs are measured in inch lengths and rate is in pounds of force per inch of travel (lbs/in). In order to convert the inch lengths to metric lengths, multiply the length by 25.4 (divide by 25.4 to convert from metric to inches). In order to convert lbs/in to kgf/mm, you need to divide the lbs/in number by 56. In order to convert lbs/in to Newtons/mm, you need to divide the lbs/in number by 5.7.

All Swift springs are measured in millimeter lengths and rate is in kilograms of force per millimeter of travel (kgf/mm). In order to convert the metric lengths to inch lengths, divide the length by 25.4 (multiply by 25.4 to convert from inches to metric). In order to convert kgf/mm to lbs/in, you need to multiply the kgf/mm number by 56.

  • 2 Front 60mm Coilover Springs
  • 2 Rear 60mm Coilover Springs
  • Vorshlag's GT Package is 7" x 600 #/in Front / 6" x 350 #/in Rear


SHOCK MOUNTS:  Vorshlag TrackPro kits are shipped ready to install with the shock mounts of your choice.  The standard kit comes assembled with new NB shocks mounts that will work with any NB or NA chassis MX5.  These mounts are perfect for a dual purpose car, or one that will see some track duty but must retain the least amount of NVH for street driving.  


New for 2017, Vorshlag Spherical Shock Mounts for NA/NB Miatas! Removing the stock rubber top mounts and replacing them with spherical top mounts will drastically  improve suspension articulation and movement. Our shock mounts use the same oversized spherical bearings as our camber plates and is proven to stand up to the abuse of track and street driving.  Vorshlag shock mounts can be configured with the standard Bilstein spring perches, or with Vorshlag's radial bearing spring perch for optimizing your coilover setup even further.  The radial bearing perch helps to eliminate any potential spring bind with the suspension compresses.