Vorshlag FT86 SS Braided Brake Line Kit

Vorshlag FT86 Stainless Steel Braided, Teflon Lined Brake Line Kit - Subaru BRZ & Scion FR-S

If you are open lapping with your FT86, then upgrading to stainless brake flex lines, high boiling point DOT4 brake fluid, and good "Track compound" brake pads are one of the first and most important sets of upgrades you can do. The upgraded lines and fluid are just as important to autocrossers, too. The Vorshlag FT86 brake line kit is the first and possibly only set of stainless braided lines available that actually fit the FT86 chassis (Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ). Everything else we've seen offered by the aftermarket to date was a big kludge.

The Vorshlag FT86 brake line kit has the best properties of both the OEM lines as well as the added performance and safety of stainless steel braided, racing-style brake flex lines. Materials is a large part of it - the lines themselves are made from Teflon-lined, high pressure rated, stainless steel braided hoses. These have none of the "expansion" or swell under high brake pressures that the OEM rubber lines have. This prevents a long brake pedal, and the brakes will always feel more responsive using flex lines of this type. The stainless steel braid also gives the lines a higher burst strength and the ability to withstand a higher ripping force, and of course much higher abrasion resistance when compared to the factory rubber lines. The hoses and ends are the highest quality parts available, supplied by BrakeQuip, and all hose ends are crimped on a DOT numbered BrakeQuip crimp machine. Each line is made on a fixture and pressure tested, for the best possible fit, quality, safety and to maintain street legality.

What makes our kit different from all of the rest is that we have made these brake lines route and connect exactly like the OEM brake lines, with all of the unusual, Subaru-specific banjo fittings, FT86 specific hard bends, and attaching bracketry. All of the other brake line kits we have seen for the "FT86" so far have actually been generic Subaru WRX brake line kits, which are missing the mounting brackets and locating tabs to mount and "clock" properly. We have installed other brand brake lines for some customers and most of these generic kits don't even fit the WRX properly, much less the BRZ/FR-S.

Track Testing the Vorshlag FT86 Brake Line Kit at Eagles Canyon Raceway

Of course these added features make the Vorshlag FT86 brake line kit cost a bit more than the other braided brake line kits out there, but again - these actually fit the FT86. The lines attach to the struts using bracketry just like the stock lines so you don't have to resort to holding them in place with a plastic zip-tie. The hard-crimped ends are clocked properly and point in the right directions, for a kink-free installation. Our banjo ends also have the proper locating tangs to keep the lines from rotating loose.

Our motto is Do It Right The First Time. The time and brake fluid wasted re-bleeding a system after a complete flex line change can really add up, so save yourself the hassle and frustration of a "complete re-do" when you realize the night before a race that the brake line kit you saved fifty bucks on doesn't fit. Or worse - when you punt and just "make them fit" and live with the improper routing and missing brackets. What would happen if a brake line let go when you are on track? Or on the street? Probably not something worth saving fifty bucks to find out, right?

Look closely at the (red) Vorshlag brake lines and the (black) OEM rubber lines, shown above. Notice the 90 bends and locating "tang" on two of the stock flex lines, which we mirrored exactly in our kit. These bends are critical on the rear brake line routing, to make sure the new flex line routes away from the wheel and suspension, or swivel freely around relative to the caliper. Check the other, lower cost brake line kit lines below. Most online vendors don't even show the actual FT86 brake lines on their websites, but have a "representative picture" (some random set of brake lines made for another car).
The missing details on some name brand "FT86" brake flex lines
When they arrive, you will be amazed at how many of the unique FT86 features are missing from other, name brand brake line kits. The proper clocking, locating tangs, hard line bends, and the mid-mounted suspension mounting brackets are all often missing - just like in the rear brake line from the aftermarket kit shown above. These omissions are done to save cost, as adding all of those unique features take more time to manufacture. Skipping the hard parts can also allow for a more generic kit to be used on a variety of Subaru chassis. We feel that cutting these corners on product design is both inexcusable and dangerous, and in some cases will allow the lines to contact the wheel or other suspension components. We just want you to be more informed when you buy - as always, you usually get what you pay for.

So if you are tracking or autocrossing your FT86, and this modification sounds like something you would like to do once and not have to re-do later, spend a few extra bucks up front and start with the Vorshlag FT86 brake line kit. We're not getting rich selling them at this price, either. We just went the extra mile to provide what we feel is the proper way to make stainless steel braided brake flex lines.