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Vorshlag E36 LS1 Power Steering Hose Kit

This is Vorshlag's Power Steering Hose Kit with Modified Loop Cooler for the E36 LS1 swap. This kit consists of two stainless braided hydraulic lines and a re-coated modified factory loop cooler, along with all of the appropriate AN fittings and adapters necessary for use with mating the BMW E36 steering rack to the power steering pump from the 1998-2002 Firebird/Camaro LS1 engine.

One question we often get about anything we make is "Why does it cost X dollars?" Every piece from our kit is of the highest quality - we use name brand fittings and lines in this particular kit. Also, we remove all of the guesswork. Maybe you could track down all of these correct fittings, lines, adapters and seals and weld up your loop cooler and save a handful of dollars - but is it worth your time to and trial and error hassles? This kit is ready to go out of the box - the lengths and angles and thread pitches are all tested on numerous cars and it's just "plug and play".


  • Stainless braided lines for both the pressure and return lines, cut to the proper lengths.
  • Black AN fittings and adapters for each connection, each angled precisely for the E36 and LS1 arrangement used in our LS1 swap kit.
  • O-ring boss washers for leak free connections at the rack.
  • Modified factory loop cooler with the necessary AN fitting welded on and re-coated for corrosion resistance.
  • Pre-assembled and ready to use - no trips to the hardware store, no ordering bits from 4 places, no guesswork, no cutting of lines, no AN hose assembly... no hassles.