Vorshlag E36 LS1 4-Channel Brake Hard Line Kit

Note: This component is not designed to work with right-hand drive E36 vehicles. This is designed to work with the M3 ABS pump.

This cart entry is for our 4-Channel ABS Hard Line kit made for the BMW E36 chassis for our LS1 swap. This brake line kit is only made to work with our 4-channel ABS pump relocation bracket. This kit is not compatible with 3-Channel ABS E36 models (1992-1995), but we have a separate entry for the 3-Channel Hard Line kit in this same section. This kit replaces all of the metal "hard lines" from the brake master cylinder to the ABS pump and from the ABS pump out to the front brakes' "soft" flex lines, out by the wheels. The hard line to the rear brakes is also partially replaced, but you do have to cut and flare the two original rear brake hard lines near the firewall to mate with our new hard line from the ABS pump. Including the entire line was prohibitively expensive (for shipping reasons). You also have to drill two small holes in the front wheel wells to utilize the metric bulkhead fittings included in this kit, to transition from hard lines to the soft lines in the BMW E36 chassis for LS1 swaps. All told this is about an hour and a half of work to install - once the engine is out of the engine bay. Beats making all new hard lines, which could take you days, lots of frustration, and not look as good as these professionally made lines.

The 4 channel ABS system cars include all domestic 1996-1999 E36 M3 and non-M (328) cars. Call us if you are unsure whether your car is a 3-channel or 4-channel car, but it is easy to spot and the model year says it all. Since our ABS relocation bracket moves the location of the ABS hydraulic unit forward (which is necessary to make room for our big full length exhaust headers used with the LS1 V8 engine), these brake hard lines make this relocation a lot easier. You could probably make these lines on your own, but plan on spending 10-12 hours and having them look pretty cheesy when you're done. Our kit of hard lines is made by a professional hose and line shop, to our specs, on production fixtures - for excellent tolerances, using quality lines and fittings. There are also two low pressure supply lines from the reservoir to the ABS unit used on some cars - we include these in this brake line kit. And yes, we acknowledge that this kit is expensive... but if you saw the fixtures, months of development and labor that goes into making every single set of lines in this kit (or worse - how much time it would take you to make something one-off like this) you would know that this was a bargain.

Please compare your ABS pump to the one in the picture below to ensure compatibility. We're currently working on a non-M3 version.

Pictures of the 4-channel hard lines and bracket kits installed on a 1997 M3. All pictures 2013 Vorshlag.