Vorshlag 62mm Long Wheel Stud, M12-1.25 for Subaru

These press-in splined wheel studs can be used on most Subaru's and other cars that utilize OEM M12x1.25 press-in splined wheel studs. The 62mm studs come in one color: a clear zinc plating (a chrome look, but much more corrosion resistant) for corrosion protection. Designed to work with our M12-1.25 thread pitch lug nuts, which are sold separately. These will work with up to 12mm hub-centric spacers, or no spacer at all. This catalog entry is for A SINGLE WHEEL STUD ONLY.

Why use wheel studs instead of wheel bolts? Several reasons:

  • Wheel studs are required by many racing bodies - because they are a better, safer way to ensure proper wheel engagement.
  • Wheel studs are safer than wheel bolts because you can SEE when the stud is engaging the lug nut completely - a longer wheel stud sticks through the lug nut. A wheel bolt? Its a mystery... only way to know if is engaging the wheel hub completely is to remove it and count the threads when installing
  • These 62mm wheel studs allow the use of a variety of hub-centric wheel spacers (up to 12mm thick), or no spacers at all. Longer wheel bolts have to be tailor made to each wheel spacer width.
  • Wheel studs stay engaged into the hub for their entire life cycle. The repetitive installation and removal of wheel bolts can cause accelerated wear on the threaded holes on the (expensive replace) wheel hubs.
  • Installing wheels using wheel studs is considerably easier than when using wheel bolts, as the studs will locate the wheel while the nuts are being fastened.

Specifics on the Vorshlag 62mm Wheel Stud:

  • Material: 30MnB3
  • Heat Treatment: Hardened and tempered to 10.9 class
  • Tensile Strength: 150,000 psi
  • Hardness HV: min 320, max 380
  • Elongation after breakage: 9% min.
  • Max Torque for Lug Nuts: 180Nm (132 lb-ft) - recommended torque on the lug nuts (NOT the stud during install) using anti-seize is 80 lb-ft
  • Install using Red Threadlocker (Loctite 262 or equivalent) to secure the studs to the wheel hub.

READ AND FOLLOW THE INSTALLAITON INSTRUCTIONS: Press out old studs making sure not to damage your hubs. Install new splined studs into hubs using a hydraulic press. Make sure that the knurl is fully engaged and the head has bottomed out against the back of the hub. See installation instructions gallery for more details and pictures.