Tremec T56 Magnum XL, BRZ / FR-S LSx swap Transmission

Vorshlag has teamed up with Tremec to get the right transmission built for the BRZ / FR-S LSx swap.  The T56 Magnum XL checks all the right boxes for strength, durability, and fit within this chassis.  The T56 Magnum XL can withstand up to 700 lb-ft of torque which makes it a perfect candidate for a fully built track car, but also offers offers smooth shifts perfect for your street sleeper.  The transmission comes complete with bell housing and custom input shaft and can be offered in two different gear ratios.  The T56 Magnum XL offers the ability to have multiple shifter locations, but is prepared with the location appropriate for the the BRZ / FR-S chassis so that very limited trimming of the shifter opening in the transmission tunnel is required.

Freight Shipping to a business address is included in the final price! 


As mentioned, the T56 Magnum XL comes in two different gearing options.  Choose the one that you feel is a appropriate for your build!

Tremec Magnum XL Gearing Options
 1st      2nd       3rd       4th      5th       6th

2.66     1.78     1.30     1.00     0.74     0.50          (wide ratio)
2.97     2.10     1.46     1.00     0.80     0.63          (short ratio)

We used the "wide" ratio for our Alpha FR-S swap, as it was primarily a street car. The taller 5th and 6th gear ratios are better for highway cruising and gas mileage. The "short" ratio box is better for track cars, as the shorter 5th gear ratio is more usable on a road course.