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Think Fast: The Racer's Why-To Guide For Winning

Think Fast: The Racer's Why-To Guide For Winning by Neil Roberts

Here's the summary from the back cover:


Think Fast is the breakthrough why-to guide to winning races. Neil Roberts has condensed decades of advanced race car engineering, driving experience and consulting into simple, entertaining, no-nonsense advice that you can easily understand. No complex math, no typical 'spend more money', and most of all, no high priced consulting fees.

Think Fast can help any racing driver, engineer or designer focus maximum effort on the most important aspects of crossing the finish line FIRST.


This is a great book for racers in all forms of motorsport. I (Terry Fair, owner at Vorshlag) know the author Neil from my college days of racing with him in the Texas A&M Sports Car Club. He was a damn good driver 20 years ago, and he took his aero engineering degree into a career as an engineer in IndyCar racing team designer. He has raced and won in SCCA Solo, SCCA Club Racing in both sedan cars and Formula Fords, and has spent years track-side as an engineer in the Indycar series. This guy knows his stuff - and he's sharing it in this great book that is both easy to read and easy to apply to everyone on the motorsports ladder - from the newest autocrosser to the most seasoned pro racing team engineer.



The author has two main goals to teach racers in his book:


1. Make better decisions about things that really matter.

2. Use the time you have more effectively.


The subject matter covers everything from driving techniques, the right way to do testing, suspension geometry, and all facets of race preparation. Take a look at the Table of Contents below to see the wide variety of subject matter in this tomb of racing knowledge:



1. Reliability

2. Driver Development

3. Controllability and Consistency

4. Grip Limits

5. Weight and Balance

6. Corner Exit Acceleration

7. Track-Specific Setup

8. Power to Weight Ratio

9. Myths, Superstitions, and Cheating


10. Tire Behaviors

11. Tire Load Proportions

12. Suspension Stiffness

13. Fun with Dampers

14. Geometry Goals

15. Suspension Alignment

16. Propulsion System Physics

17. Race Car Aerodynamics

18. The Race Car Recipe


Neil has a great way of getting this information to the reader in an easy to digest writing style, with great examples form his racing/engineering background to but no super complex formulas to try to wrap your brain around. A great review for Think Fast can be seen here.