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Powerbrake X-Line X6EL 6-piston 380x34mm FRONT Brake Kit for S550 Mustang GT (Race)

Powerbrake X6EL Big Brake Upgrade

Powerbrake designs and manufactures high-performance and motorsports level brake components that offer exceptional performance and durability at surprisingly competitive prices. This is made possible through state of the art CAD, FEA and CAM software as well as cutting edge 5-axis CNC production equipment that results in design and production efficiency that gets passed on to customers and ultimately translates into competitive product pricing.

Powerbrake's base of operations is South Africa, and Vorshlag has worked with this company since they first brought their products to the U.S.A. We tested Powerbrake's upgrade kits on our own street and race cars before we felt confident to sell them - we now trust our brakes to Powerbrake!

Specifics For S550 Mustang GT Kit

Powerbrake's X6EL front brake upgrade kit for the S550 Mustang chassis is one we have tested extensively here at Vorshlag on our own 2018 Mustang GT

This Powerbrake kit is made to replace the front brake components on the 2015-19 Mustang GT chassis - rotors, calipers, lines, and brackets. These can be ordered to fit in place of the 15" 6 piston Performance Pack brakes or the base model 14" 4 piston brakes (different hydraulics to match the stock master cylinder). The engineers at Powerbrake have designed this kit so that when using the factory rear brakes, hydraulic ratio and pedal travel will not be affected. 

We have tested this setup in the wet and dry, on 200TW tires and Hoosier A7s. Works perfectly with the stock ABS programming and produces 1.3g to 1.4g stops!

There are many advantages of the X6EL 6 piston brake kit over the optional Performance Pack 6 piston Brembo brakes.  We often see that with Motorsports grade components your cost per lap will go down. True racing calipers look after the pads and rotors better than the OEM calipers with track pads. This means you will see drastically improved brake performance, with less wear, for a longer period of time. 

The Powerbrake calipers are built with strength in mind and do not suffer the same fate as the OEM PBR caliper. Another great benefit is a slight reduction in unsprung weight.  Note that even while upgrading to 2-piece Powerbrake 380x34mm rotors and massive 6-piston fixed calipers, this brake kit still dropped almost 21 pounds compared to the factory PBR calipers and rotors. The change in braking feel and performance was massive - more than we thought possible.

  • S550 6-piston Brembo Calipers with pads = 14.26 lbs/each
  • S550 15" Rotors = 34.12 lbs/each
  • Powerbrake X6EL 6-Piston calipers with pads + 380x34mm Rotors = 38.05 lbs/side
  • Total weight savings over stock = 20.67 pounds

Wheel Fitment:

This 380x34mm 6 piston Powerbrake package will fit under stock 19" wheels and many aftermarket 18" wheels - call or email us for a brake profile template to check your wheels.  

19x11" Forgestar F14 clears this brake package by a large amount

This kit Includes:

  • Radial mount Powerbrake X-Line X6EL 6-piston calipers, hard anodized grey
  • Powerbrake billet aluminum caliper mounting brackets
  • Powerbrake 2-piece 380x34mm rotors with aluminum hats (assembled), fully coated
  • Powerbrake stainless braided Teflon lined brake flex lines + copper washers
  • Caliper mounting hardware and pad mounting pins and clips
  • Uses FMSI D1116 pad profile. Brake pads are not included!
  • Brake pads are available from Powerbrake and a number of other companies. Please call Vorshlag for brake pad selection help.

  • More top level info on Powerbrake here
  • More info on the X4EM brake kit here

Powerbrake Rotors

The disc friction rings used in Powerbrake X-Line assemblies are cast from a proprietary high-carbon iron alloy, cast in Europe, that provides excellent durability and stability under the high thermal loads experienced during race, track day & fast road driving.

The X-line discs feature curved, directional, staggered cooling vane design that increases cooling vane surface area for optimal cooling. The included 5 color Maximum Temperature Recording (MTR) rotor paint provides a permanent record of the peak operating temperatures reached by the rotors during use. The colors equate to:

  • Blue paint – turns light brown at 527 deg F
  • Green paint – turns white at 860 deg F
  • Orange paint – turns yellow at 1022 deg F
  • Red / Pink paint – turns white at 1166 deg F
  • Wide Red paint strip – various shades from 219 – 2318 deg F


This Powerbrake X-line brake upgrade does not include pads - to allow you to choose the brake pad supplier you are comfortable with. Some folks like to stick with what they know, and that is why the common FMSI D1116 pad profile was used for this caliper - many pad suppliers make this common pad shape. You can see part numbers for this pad from several brake pad manufacturers in the drawing below.

Powerbrake also offers a range of brake pads to fit the X6EL caliper, which cover all types of street, dual purpose, and racing uses. Please see the brake pad options for the Powerbrake X6EL caliper in this "Brakes" section. Feel free to call Vorshlag for pad brand and compound advice.