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Motul MoCool Radiator Additive - 500ml

A non-glycol based radiator additive for use in cooling systems for racing applications where a glycol based products (automotive anti-freeze) cannot be used. Engines run up to 30°F (15°C) cooler. Improves thermal exchange and engine cooling system efficiency. For use in straight water (race cars) or with standard anti-freeze/water based coolant systems. This additive is for any cooling system in cars, bikes, ATVs where overheating is observed or in racing conditions to decrease engine operating temperature.

Legal in the following racing series: AMA, WERA, CCS, WRMMA, SCCA, NASA, BMWCCA, and many more.


  • Improves heat transfer (thermal exchange) and cooling system efficiency vs water or anti-freeze/water coolants
  • Provides protection against corrosion for cooling systems
  • Recommended for magnesium, aluminum alloys cases, cast iron, copper, brass and bronze systems
  • Water pump protection, avoids cavitation
  • Anti-corrosion properties that remain while at high temperature and with aging. Low corrosion inhibitor consumption
  • Friendly to metals, seals, rubber pipes, and plastic parts

Typical Properties

  • Color: Purple
  • Density at 20C/68F: 1.058
  • PH: 9.4


  • Motul MoCool is a concentrated cooling fluid that may be mixed with distilled water for immediate use as a coolant.
  • Mix with water at 5% (20:1)
  • Do not use pure product in cooling system!
  • Can be mixed with most coolants that are monoethyleneglycol based for additional cooling effects


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