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Holley LSx Oil Pan Kit for BMW E46 LSx Swap


When Vorshlag was developing the E46 LS1 swap kit, we tested with many different factory LSx oil pans including LS1 Camaro, LS1 Corvette, LS2, LS truck, and other OEM oil pans. None of them fit around the E46 crossmember with a decent engine location in this chassis. Then we tried some aftermarket pans, like GM's retrofit pan (cheap and it looks it) and a (at the time) brand new LSx oil pan from Holley. GM's retrofit pan was cheaper, but didn't clear the crossmember and it hung down too low.

This Holley oil pan fit perfectly - and fits Z4 swaps as well. Not only that, the quality of construction was LOADS better than the GM retrofit pan or even any of the OEM fit pans. Long story short - we built our E46 LS1 swap kit around this Holley oil pan, and it is needed for the swap - and a very good pan to use for most LS swaps.

Parts Included:
  • Holley LSx oil pan
  • Sump baffle
  • Pick-up tube
  • Sump plug
  • Oil filter stud
  • Oil passage cover

The Holley LSx retrofit pan is a complete kit and comes with all of the parts needed to bolt it to virtually any Gen III or Gen IV LSx engines. The quality is better than the GM OEM pans and once you see it in person, you will understand. This isn't a low cost "hacked up" stock pan made to fit this chassis, we found THE perfect oil pan and we built our kit around it. If you are using our E46 LS1 swap motor mounts, transmission crossmember, steering shaft, and headers, this is the last piece of the puzzle you need - even if you don't buy it from Vorshlag. But you should buy it from Vorshlag; we have it at a great price and (usually) have them in stock. And we're cool.

Key Features
  • Provides OEM fitment, OEM oil filter mounting, OEM oil cooler port provision, OEM engine NVH suppression, OEM flange gasket and sealing, proper structural rigidity and OEM bell-housing attachments.
  • Extremely high-quality cast aluminum appearance with clean exterior styling. This will be one of the first oil pans you have ever owned that you will WANT people to check out - it looks that good!
  • Provides maximum clearance to E46 chassis, lines up perfectly with bottom of front crossmember, using Vorshlag's E46 LS1 motor mount kit.
  • This pan is cast and machined aluminum, guaranteed to be leak free.