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Improved Racing LSx Oil Pan Baffle for BMW E46 and S550/S197 Mustang LSx Swaps


When Vorshlag was developing the E46 LS1 swap kit, we tested with many different oil pans and decided the best fitting was the Holley oil pan. It fit our E46 LS swap perfectly. But, it can be made better by adding this Improved Racing oil pan baffle.

Vehicles that endure prolonged sessions of braking, turning, and accelerating need extra protection from oil starvation. That's where this pan baffle comes in. This baffle kit is designed to maintain proper oil level at the oil pump pick-up during vehicle accelerations, both lateral and linear. The baffle maintains the oil at the oil pump pick-up preventing loss of engine oil pressure during maximum cornering in a high-performance touring or road-racing, as well as under hard acceleration in drag racing vehicles. This baffle is sufficient to prevent oil pressure drops at up to 1.4 sustained lateral G's in most vehicles.

The baffle is fabricated from sheet aluminum joined by TIG welded joints. Directionally positioned one-way trap doors allow oil flow towards the oil pump pick-up but not away. This baffle is designed to be used in our E46/S550/S197 Holley LS Swap oil pan with the standard pickup, and is a drop-in replacement for the standard tray baffle.

Key Features
  • Track-proven to prevent oil starvation at up to 1.4 sustained lateral G's
  • Direct bolt-in to E46/S550/S197 Swap Holley LS Oil Pan
  • Aluminum sheet TIG welded construction
  • Vertical baffles with one-way trap doors surrounding the oil pump pick-up
  • Great for street/road race/drag race/ and off-road applications


Shown with the Holley pan and pickup, not included