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HARD Motorsport BMW E46 M3-Style Fender Flares for E46 Non-M Sedan, Touring

The BMW E46 non-M Sedan and Touring (Wagon) has limited wheel and tire room compared to the E46 M3. If you want to run more than a ~245mm wide tire it might be time for FENDER FLARES, and nobody makes a better fitting kit for the E46 Sedan than HARD Motorsport!

The parts are built to order - please allow 1-2 weeks lead time!

Their thermoformed ABS plastic flares are made to be a Rivet-On addition to the E46 Non-M Sedan (this entry) or Coupe (see other entry in this section). These Fender Flares were molded off the OEM Front Fenders of the E46 M3 and a whole OEM E46 M3 Rear Clip. These Fender Flares offer +35mm of added room for wider wheels and tires.  With more room under the flares, and some clearancing of the fenders and rear bumper under the flares, you should be able to run the same wheel/tire combos that are successfully run on the E46 M3.

Vorshlag has tested similar HARD Motorsport flares on our shop E46 330Ci that we race in NASA TTD class as well as this E46 328i Sedan shown below. We used a 17x10" wheel on both cars, and we were having significant tire rub on a 9.7" wide Hoosier race tire, even with aggressive fender rolling and hammering. It took cutting the fender lips off and adding these HARD flares to clear that tire. We can now clear a 275mm tire with ease!

The forum thread above shows the installation we did here at Vorshlag using this kit, which should show you how to do it on your E46. If you bought these flares from Vorshlag feel free to email or call us for technical help during your installation!