Forgestar F14 18X10" ET42 Wheel (5x114.3), S197 Mustang

These wheels are now in stock with limited supply of Gunmetal, Gloss Black and Matte Black wheels. To ensure the wheels you want are in stock, please call us for the current inventory levels!

This is a product entry for the S197 Mustang fitment of a 18x10" F14 wheels from Forgestar Wheels, made for the 5 x 114.3 bolt circle. These wheels use the DEEP CONCAVE face available from Forgestar and will clear the Brembo brakes. The factory lug nuts and factory size 13/16" socket will not fit within the wheel's lug nut opening.

These wheels are produced using Rotary Forged Flow Forming that turns the wheel (or rim section) over a special mandrel and three hydraulic rollers using tremendous pressure. The pressure and turning then force the rim area to form against the mandrel, creating the shape and width of the rim. During Flow Forming, the rim actually "flows" down to create the full rim width. During Flow Forming, pressure applied to the cast rim actually changes its mechanical properties, so its strength and impact values become similar to those of a forged rim. That translates to up to 15% less weight when compared to a standard cast wheel. Our technological breakthroughs in heat treating allow us to increase dent resistance without having to make the wheel heavier. All Forgestar Performance Wheels are compatible with tire pressure sensor monitors and allow clearance for most high performance brake caliper upgrades. CERTIFIED BY: SAE JWL VIA

We have tested with 265/40/18, 275/40/18, and 295/35/18 tires (nearly matching the stock tire height for proper speedometer calibration) on a 2.5" lowered car with no issues. We have had customers run 295/40/18 Hoosiers as well. "Some fender rolling may be required, depending on tire sizes used." - just to be safe.


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Forgestar Performance Wheels are backed by a lifetime structural warranty to the original retail purchaser. A limited one year manufacturer's warranty guarantees wheels will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal and reasonable use.

Note: Shipping weight is 25 pounds per wheel, with padded shipping boxes. This item cannot be shipped USPS - UPS and FedEx shipping only. Customers near Dallas, TX - please contact us for easy pick-up options.

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Colors: Forgestar wheels can be finished in an array of different colors. Custom colors have an extra charge of $40 per wheel.

Lug Nuts: The factory lug nuts and factory size 13/16" socket will not fit within the wheel's lug nut opening. The largest size socket that will fit the lug nut opening has a 1.10" OD, but we highly recommend adding our 17mm hex 1/2-20 in. RH (UNF) chrome lug nuts using the drop down menu below. These lug nuts use a 17mm socket that gives plenty of clearance to the wheel's opening.


Raised Center Caps: Forgestar set out to design a stylish dome style center cap that encompassed form as well as function. The Forgestar raised cap is great for cars that require more spindle or hub clearance. Now more car can run deeper concave profiles as well as higher offsets for both front and rear wheel applications while still clearing hub protrusions. Forgestar Carbon Fiber Raised Centercap can be retrofit to all series and models of Forgestar Custom Wheels.




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