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Custom Spec Jongbloed X6 3-Piece Wheel

  • We prefer discussing wheel sales on the phone - please call us
  • Custom wheels typically take two months to complete.
  • During the wheel making process we do not have status updates available on individual wheels orders.
  • Alternate shipping options are available, but may involve adding sales tax
  • If the lead time for these wheels does not work for you, call us.
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Years of racing experience and countless hours on track has taught us some very valuable lessons. One of which is it to get as much tire on the ground as possible, which typically requires a wide wheel with a custom offset. The other is to try and cut down weight without compromising strength. The lightened Jongbloed X6 allows us to do both, with the ability to reconfigure or repair them in the future.

The Jongbloed X6 is designed for road race use. Each wheel is made from a custom machined, forged center and inner and outer hoops to give us exactly the size and brake clearance required.

This price listed is for the most common 18x10 through 18x14 sizes. The X6 can be built in 15", 16", 17", 18" or 19" diameter, with widths from 5" to 15", and since it has a solid mounting pad, it can be drilled for 4-bolt, 5-bolt or smaller 6-bolt patterns.

Key Features:

  • Custom built to your or our exact specifications
  • Excellent brake clearance
  • Wheel durability tested



Custom finishes from anodized, polished, gloss powdercoat, or matte powdercoat are available. Some finishes may incur additional charges

    This item cannot be shipped USPS - UPS and FedEx shipping only.