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Corbeau Forza Sportline RRB Reclining Seats, Pair

NOTE: The price is for a PAIR of seats


The Corbeau Sportline RRB combines the brilliance that is the new Sportline series of seats with the lateral support of a Corbeau race seat. If you look at the way the thigh bolsters come into contact with the back of the seat, you will notice how it still gives that “bucket” look and feel that you see in a fixed back seat, while not eliminating the convenience of a reclining seat.

The Sportline series from Corbeau factors in feedback from customers all over the world to come up with a look and feel that is second to none. Unbelievable comfort, style, and support are put into every inch of this seat. It features top of the line injection molded foam, strategically placed bolsters to support you in just the right places, and harness belt capability.

The Sportline RRB seat is available in black vinyl with a black Carbon Fiber Vinyl contrast. Optional versions are available with contrasting diamond stitching.

The RRB has a seat base height of only 2.5 inches. That means is if you sit the seat on the floor the distance between the floor and where you would sit is 2.5 inches. Comparatively speaking this is a thin seat base, which is ideal for minimal headroom applications or for drivers wearing helmets. As a rule of thumb, the Sportline RRB will fit up to a 38" waist.

Key Features

  • Black Vinyl w/Carbon Fiber Vinyl or contrasting diamond stitching
  • Excellent lateral support for a reclining style seat! This is the best reclining seat we have seen on the market
  • Fits many body types and sizes, up to 38" waist
  • Harness slots for 4- and 5-point racing harness capability. A submarine slot in lower cushion. Also works with OEM 3-point belts.
  • Rigid steel frame. This seat is equipped with bottom mount capability
  • does not include mounting bracket - see optional Corbeau seat bracket /slider mounting kits in this section, or call Vorshlag for your application
  • Weight: 26lbs each
  • Optional Seat Heater Installed: Corbeau Seat Heaters are among the highest quality and most affordable seat heaters on the market. They arrive installed in the seats and are easily wired to your vehicle.
  • Sold ONLY in pairs of Left and Right (reclining handle position differs) seats, at the price listed
NOTE: Due to the oversized dimensions of this product, shipping is a bit pricey. We understand that and ship them as economically as we can. We can often ship these seats more cost effectively than the online ordering system allows and can refund the shipping difference.