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USED set of Whiteline AST 5100 Coilovers for S550 Ford Mustang GT w/ Camber plates & RSMs

NOTE: This is an updated online entry we had when this Whiteline private label deal with AST was ongoing. There were only a few sets made, and we ended up with this set from our 2018 GT, which we modified straight away - changed the springs, added camber plates,  & added spherical rear shock mounts. We then used this set for a few months of track use, successfully. This is based on an AST 5100 inverted coilovers, similar to AST p/n ACU-F5001S ($3838 without top mounts), but the current 5100 version is not  a coilover rear. We ran 6 different shock sets on this car and this Whiteline coilover was run from March 2018 until September 2018. We then reinstalled them on the car in January 2020 and they were run by the second owner of this car until February 2022. 


These Whiteline's MAX-G (AST 5100) coilovers utilized race proven, monotube, adjustable inverted damper technology, producing an extremely strong damper, providing superior suspension geometry under heavy lateral and braking loads for both road and track applications. The large 44.5mm diameter inverted strut shaft delivers increased surface area loading, eliminating 'bending' during high impact loading that is associated with conventional dampers. These incorporate a 12 click adjustment for rebound damping force, delivering improvements in vehicle body motion without making the car overly stiff on compression.

This setup worked very well for everyday daily driver use and yet we still set some strong lap times on track with these, utilizing more aggressive spring rates than what came with them. This set of dampers was hand built in The Netherlands (by AST) using high quality precision machined components and decades of motorsport experience to ensure optimum performance and longevity. These offer four corner ride height adjustment and rebound damping adjustment. 


We altered the front spring rates immediately, before we even installed this setup on our 2018 Mustang GT. The 200 #/in front springs went into the dumpster and we added Hyperco 400#/in springs in 2.5" ID, along with Vorshlag camber caster plates. In the rear we kept their 535 #/in rate springs and the lightweight tenders. We added our spherical upper shock mounts to that setup (and later changed to our dual-height production S550 RSM). 

The track driving balance on this setup with the spring rates we tweaked was nearly perfect, and it still drives exceptionally well on the street, with an ideal balance between ride quality and track competitiveness. 

These are both inverted so the adjuster knobs are at the bottom of the shocks as shown. We pulled these from the car in February 2022, cleaned them up, then replaced one radial bearing, one spherical bearing and one end link. The dampers all function perfectly and the top mounts are fresh and noise free. Pictures of the rebuild work from April 2022 are shown in the slide show along with pictures from when they were brand new (2018). There is ONE SET of these available, as-is with no warranty. We have priced them aggressively - half price of what they would cost new. 



  • 30-60mm lowering range and 400 lb/in spring rate for the front
  • 30-60mm lowering range and 535 lb/in spring rate for the rear
  • 12 click rebound damping adjustment
  • Four corner ride height adjustment
  • Includes springs as shown
  • Included upgraded springs, camber/caster plates and rear shock mounts
  • Fits 2015-22 S550 Mustang GT models