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HARD Motorsport Brake Duct Inlets and Fog Light Delete - BMW E46 M3, ZHP

The HARD Motorsport E46 M3 Brake Duct Inlets are formed out of ABS plastic for light weight and durability. These Brake Ducts Inlets are made to fit the E46 M3 front bumper and allow you to run a 3" flex hose to your brakes for cooling during track conditions. The E46 M3 Brake Duct Inlets are commonly used as E46 M3 Foglight Deletes. These also fit ZHP / Mtech2 bumpers. These are sold as a pair. Mounting rivets included in the kit.

Vorshlag uses these on our own shop cars - they fit great and you won't find a better solution for M3 or ZHP inlet ducts on the market. The M3 foglight openings are large and these formed thermoplastic ducts fit around them perfectly, from the back side. They form a nice curved bell that pushes the inlet air into the 3" round opening, which fits inside 3" brake hose nicely.