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Complete Holley Dominator EFI system + 7" and 3.5" Screens

We have a complete Holley EFI system for sale, including: Holley Dominator ECU ($2675), Holley LCD 7" Digital Dash ($889), Holley LCD Touch Screen 3.5” ($349), GPS Digital Dash USB Module ($86), as well as 4 Holley CAN cables / splitters and much of the pin kit needed to wire up to the ECU. Paid $4325 for all of this, and used it for less than one season.

Everything works - this was used last season in our 2015 Mustang with an LS 454" V8. We seemed to run into some firmware compatibility issues between the ECU, 7" and 3.5" dashes. Everything still worked, but we could no longer update the dashes after upgrading the ECU to Ver6 of Holley's software. A proper tuner should be able to make all of these compatible again - which I am not. All of the parts look brand new and come in the original Holley boxes.

Save over $1600 for a complete Holley EFI system with lots of options and cables, and no waiting for some out-of-stock Holley part number (many of these items took weeks or months to arrive).