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BMW E82/9X M3 Rear Lower Camber Link Kit

BMW E82/9X M3 Rear Lower Camber Link Conversion Kit for the E8x/E9x chassis

This catalog entry is for the rear E9X M3 lighter weight aluminum camber links, all the necessary nuts and bolts, and the correct headlight leveling brackets needed for a complete conversion. These parts repalce the heavier steel camber links used in the E82/E9x non-M cars. One of the main advantages for switching to the M3 setup, besides the lower weight and greater strength, is the rear shock mounting style. The non-M setup captures the lower shock pin in a rubber bushing, which means less direct feel and slower reaction times. The M3 setup uses a lower eye mount on the rear shock, which a bolt attaching it to the camber link. This allows the shock to react more quickly to changing road conditions, it removes a potential failure point (aged, cracked rubber), and is lighter weight and stronger by design.

(E9X non-M on the Top, E9X M3 on the Bottom)

Note: Standard E82/E9X non-M rear shocks will not work with these camber links! New rear shocks designed to work with these camber links can be sourced from AST and Moton and other manufacturers that offer shocks for the E82/E9x M cars should be compatible (always check with your vendor!).