Vorshlag-Bilstein TrackPro Kit for Focus RS/ST


Vorshlag once again has built upon Bilstein's great starting point, the B14 (PSS) kit, and improved upon the design by adding our spherical top mount caster/camber plates, upgraded springs rates, and a proper fitting ride height adjuster specific to the 3rd generation Focus RS. We also make a version of this for the 3rd gen Focus ST.

The TrackPro Coil-Over System allows you to adjust your vehicle's ride height at all four corners. You can set your ride height lower for improved track or autocross performance or revert to a more stock-like ride height and handling characteristics for winter use, rough roads, etc. 

This system features monotube high gas pressure struts with performance valving along with Vorshlag track tested, 60mm coilover springs. Paired with our camber plates these will replace your stock front top mounts. Out back we have designed upper and lower ride height adjuster bases specifically for the RS to accommodate the smaller diameter of the rear 60mm coilover spring. Ride height adjustments can be made on the vehicle without removing the suspension.

These inverted front struts use Bilstein's patented Triple-C-Technology coating ensures long-lasting resistance to corrosion. Rear dampers are painted yellow and have threaded spring adjusters in the OEM spring location, which are shortened from the RS and ST rear shock lengths.

Key Features

  • Monotube inverted coilover front struts and monotube rear shocks, without damping adjustment
  • Bilstein's Patented Triple-C-Technology Coating for Long Lasting Corrosion Resistance on strut
  • Threaded strut body front strut for accurate ride height adjustability
  • Hyperco 60mm springs in a custom rate and lengths to fit the RS or ST chassis (rear spring lengths are different for ST).
  • Bilstein rear ride height adjusters and Vorshlag CNC machined spring adapters are made to fit the Focus RS (alternatively a different set f components are used for the ST rear, which cost less)
  • Rear ride height adjusters allow for 4 corner balance / ride height adjustment
  • Customized and race proven coilover spring rates reduce roll, dive, heave and keep the Focus RS and ST flatter in corners
  • Monotube damper design and valving still provide excellent ride quality for street use
  • Vorshlag Camber + Caster adjustable spherical top mounts all for considerably more negative camber and positive caster up front!
  • There is no better quality or performing coilover for the Focus RS on the market!

You can read about the development, track testing, and race results for this custom Bilstein coilover setup on our Focus RS build thread.