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RHR Performance Carbon Fiber Sunroof Delete Panel, BMW E46

The BMW E46 coupe and sedan usually come with a power retracting sunroof - which weighs 72 pounds and eats up 3" or more of headroom. These break, get stuck, leak, and are a mess. Racers that want to shed that 72 pounds up high and gain some headroom have found that a Sunroof Delete Panel is the proper upgrade.

The parts are built to order - please allow 6-8 weeks lead time!

Vorshlag contacted AJ Hartman in 2016 to make a run of these for use on a few of our shop cars, so he made the mold and then built a small run of these panels. They fit so well and helped drop 70 pounds that he put these into production. This is a real Motorsports level dry carbon fiber part with no glossy clearcoat, no heavy gel coat, just a perfect fitting lightweight (1.4 pound) panel - the lightest on the market.

Built by AJ Hartman here in the USA, this panel fits both E46 Sedans and Coupes and can be bolted in place of the OEM sunroof cassette with minimal effort. We do recommend a bead of RTV sealant between the factory steel roof panel and this carbon delete panel. This panel comes clear coated for UV protection.

Vorshlag has tested these carbon fiber panels on our shop E46 330Ci that we race in NASA TTD class as well as E46 Sedans we have built. Nothing fits better or is lighter on an E46 race car. You can use these on a street car if you don't mind the headliner not matching up to the panel - this is a Motorsports part.

The forum thread above shows the installation we did here at Vorshlag using this carbon panel in both an E46 Coupe and an E46 Sedan. If you bought these flares from Vorshlag feel free to email or call us for technical help during your installation!