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18x11 set of Forged CCW TS12, S197 Mustang

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  • Custom wheels typically take 2-3 months to complete.
  • During the wheel making process we do not have status updates available on individual wheels orders.
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Years of racing experience and countless hours on track has taught us some very valuable lessons. One of which is it to get as much tire on the ground as possible. The other is to try and cut down weight without compromising strength. The lightened CCW Corsair RS TS12 allows us to do both, with the strength and reliability of a forged wheel.

For those that want to have the absolute most wheel and tire under a stock bodied S197 Mustang, this is that setup. 18x11 Front and Rear wheels allow the use of 315 tires on all corners. At Vorshlag we go to great lengths to make wheel packages to the limit of what will fit with no vehicle modification, these wheels fit under the stock fenders!

**We have measured and worked with these sizes to fit the widest possible wheel front & rear WITHOUT any body modification**

The Corsair RS TS12 is designed for road race use and is the wheel of choice for many Pro SCCA and IMSA performance builders. Each TS12 monoblock forged wheel is put through a finishing process known as "shotpeened" at no additional cost to the customer. This gives the wheel a raw machined classic race look. The extended back bell and narrow drop center of the wheel fit of large diameter performance big brakes. Monoblock construction forged from 6061-T6 aluminum results in extremely lightweight forged racing wheels. All designs pass a 3000 lbs. (per wheel) cornering fatigue test load at 200,000 cycles.

Key Features:

  • 100% manufactured in the USA
  • Custom built to our exact specifications
  • Excellent brake clearance
  • Structural warranty 30 days from purchase
  • Wheel durability tested

Choose your options


Custom finishes from brushed, polished, gloss powdercoat, matte powdercoat, and candy (transparent) powdercoat are available. Choose your option and specify the color in the notes.

Standard Finishes
Silver Matte
Silver Gloss
Black Matte
Black Gloss

Upgraded Finishes
Dark Bronze Matte
Brushed Clear Gloss
Brushed Tint Gloss
Brushed Tint Matte
Dark Bronze Matte
Gunmetal Gloss
Gunmetal Matte
Race Gold Matte
Red Gloss
White Gloss
White Matte
Yellow Gloss

Premium Finishes
Copper Brushed Gloss
Gold Brushed Gloss
Blue Candy Brushed Transparent Gloss
Red Candy Brushed Transparent Gloss
Sublime Candy Brushed Transparent Gloss

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