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Subaru Wheel Studs & Spacers

Vorshlag 65mm Long Wheel Stud, M12-1.25 for Subaru

These press-in splined wheel studs can be used on most Subaru's and other cars that utilize OEM M12x1.25 press-in splined wheel studs. These 65mm long studs come in one color: a clear zinc plating (a chrome look) for corrosion protection. Designed to work with our M12-1.25 thread pitch lug nuts, which are sold separately. These will work with up to 12mm hub-centric spacers, or no spacer at all. This catalog entry is for A SINGLE WHEEL STUD ONLY. Made for Vorshlag by an Italian Tier 1 supplier.

Why are longer wheel studs preferred?

  • Longer studs ensure proper lug nut engagement, especially with aftermarket wheels or wheel spacers.
  • These 65mm wheel studs allow the use of a variety of hub-centric wheel spacers (up to 12mm thick) - or without spacers.
  • When these long studs are coupled with our Vorshlag M12-1.25 Long Reach Lug Nuts (also available in this section) your wheel is held on by more threads than the OEM stud + lug nut. Our nuts are BIG!
  • Quality Italian made by a Tier 1 OEM supplier to our specs
  • Splined head must be pressed into the hubs.
  • We recommend the use of a light application of anti-sieze thread lubricant for more consistent lug nut torque torque

Specifics on the Vorshlag 62mm Wheel Stud:

  • Material: 30MnB3
  • Heat Treatment: Hardened and tempered to 10.9 class
  • Tensile Strength: 150,000 psi
  • Hardness HV: min 320, max 380
  • Elongation after breakage: 9% min.
  • Max Torque for Lug Nuts: 180Nm (132 lb-ft) - recommended torque on the lug nuts is 85 lb-ft, using a light coating of anti-seize 

As you can see the installed length is 48mm past the hub face, compared to only 25mm of stud protruding with the stock wheel studs. This upgrade gives you a solid +23 mm increase in stud length over stock, but they don't look silly or stick out excessively with the Vorshlag lug nuts. A proper upgrade for any track or autocross car - more lug nut engagement and the ability to run up to a 12mm thick spacer, if needed.

FOLLOW THESE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Remove the wheel hub assemblies first. Then press out old studs using a hydraulic press, making sure to support the hub face to prevent damage the hub bearing. Press in the new splined studs into hubs using the hydraulic press. Make sure that the knurl is fully engaged and the head has bottomed out against the back face of the hub.

The front hubs are relatively easy to unbolt, and they are shown above after the new studs were installed.

The rear hub assemblies also need to be removed to extract the old studs and install the new longer versions. First you take off the half shaft retaining nut, then you unbolt the hub assembly from the emergency brake bits and you can remove the rear hub. Once removed from the car, you can use a press to push out the rear studs; the new studs go in the same way.