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S550 Mustang Brakes

S550 Mustang 15" Brembo 6-piston Front Brake Upgrade Kit


The base model brakes on 2015-19 Mustang GT, Ecoboost and V6 models are ridiculously incapable of any road course use. If you own one of these cars and plan to do "track events", don't bother with brake pad upgrades, as it won't fix the main issue. It's really best to start over and use the Performance Pack brakes.

The base model 2015-19 Mustang GT comes with underwhelming front brakes
The problem stems from an "inverted hat" brake rotor that is solid on the back side, so there is limited airflow through the rotor. It is a strange way to make a rotor and wrecks any attempts at brake cooling.

The base model 14" 4 piston S550 brakes have "backwards" rotors!

Our 2018 Mustang GT had these brakes and with one hard lap on track we could overheat the rotors badly. We tried several track compound brake pads and it had zero effect. 

The 14"  diameter "inverted hat" rotor design is sealed off solid on the back side
So if you own a 2015-19 Mustang and your front brakes look like the two images above, and you want track worthy brakes, we have the fix.

Some smart engineers at Ford figured this issue out in testing before the car was released and made the Performance Pack brakes (see above) using a 6 piston Brembo caliper and 15" front rotor with "normal" style construction, which does allow airflow through the rotor. This means they are actually usable on track. This kit is sold through Ford Racing as the M-2300-V kit with the same parts we sell here, minus one critical part.

The front rotor is a massive thing, with a 1-piece casting that not only promotes airflow from behind, allows for ducted brake cooling.

The difference with the Vorshlag kit here is that we ALSO include a new brake master cylinder with the right hydraulic ratio, which is badly needed when installing these 15" brakes on non-PP optioned S550 Mustangs. Without the right master cylinder the M-2300-V parts give too little front brake pressure that overheats the rear brakes, and you will lose stopping power in just 2 or 3 laps on track. We found this out the hard way.


With these Ford rotors, calipers, hardware, Performance Pack master cylinder, and a set of good track brake pads 95% of all track enthusiasts will never have an issue. We have tested these brakes at high speed tracks like Circuit of the Americas (above), with speeds on track exceeding 145mph in a stock Coyote powered S550 GT.

Vorshlag also makes two different brake cooling kits that work with these brakes for the last 5% that can put too much heat into these massive rotors and calipers. Brake pads and brake cooling options are located elsewhere in the "S550 Mustang Brakes" section.


  • Includes new Ford Brembo 6-piston Satin Black aluminum front calipers with red Brembo decal
  • Includes new Ford 15" front brake rotors
  • Includes all necessary Ford PP1 mounting hardware, heat shields, caliper pins and shims
  • Includes the proper PP1/PP2 brake master cylinder (which is not included the Ford Racing M-2300-V kit). Please choose manual or automatic transmission to get the correct version
  • Most 18" diameter wheels will NOT fit over these front brakes! Call Vorshlag if you are unsure about your wheels (we have 18" wheel options that do)
  • Some 19" diameter wheels will NOT fit over these brakes. Call Vorshlag if you are unsure about your wheels (we have 19" wheel options that do)
  • This kit DOES NOT include brake pads (see elsewhere in this section for options)
  • This kit DOES NOT include front brake hoses (which are needed for 2.3 Ecoboost cars but not the base model GT)
  • Takes up to 3 days to assemble the components in this brake kit before shipment
  • If you have any questions, call Vorshlag! We know these brakes very well.
Please feel free to explore more of the reasoning behind why do not recommend the 14" inverted hat 4 piston S550 brakes, why to do this 15" 6 piston Brembo upgrade, and more at this forum thread.