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Mustang S550 Wheels

IN STOCK 19x11 set of MOMO RF-20 Wheels, S550 Mustang

  • These wheels are ready to ship NOW
  • Gloss Gunmetal MOMO RF20

Years of racing experience and countless hours on track has taught us some very valuable lessons. One of which is it to get as much tire on the ground as possible. The MOMO RF-20 allows us to maximize the tire fitment without giving up the looks of a factory style wheel.

For those that want to have the absolute most wheel and tire under a stock bodied S550 Mustang, this is that setup. 19x11" Front and Rear wheels allow the use of the popular 305/30/19 size tires on all corners. We build these with unique offsets front and rear to fit under stock bodywork without spacers, and cannot be rotated front to rear. Each set includes two front and two rear 19x11" wheels.

At Vorshlag we go to great lengths to make wheel packages to the limit of what will fit with no vehicle modification, these wheels fit under the stock fenders!

**We have measured and worked with these sizes to fit the widest possible wheel front & rear WITHOUT any body modification**

The MOMO RF-20 features a classic mesh design inspired by the company’s storied motorsports past. Featuring a recessed drop center, the RF-20 offers a multidimensional design to match its aggressive fitments. Using an engineered inner barrel to accommodate large brakes, the RF-20’s flow-formed construction creates a wheel that is both strong and lightweight.

The RF series wheels are built to MOMO's high standard of quality and are designed to be the strongest flow formed wheel available, with extra depth to the spokes than test certifications require. The extra aluminum added adds strength to resist bending, cracking, or other long term wear. We have tested this RF-20 wheel at many road courses in our 2018 Mustang GT, and it easily clears the aftermarket Powerbrake 380x34mm rotor 6-piston brakes as well as the 15" diameter 6 piston Performance Package brakes. 

Key Features:

  • Custom built to our exact specifications
  • Flow-formed construction
  • Excellent brake clearance
  • TPMS Compatible
  • Wheel durability tested - JWL and VIA certification
  • This S550 fitment MOMO RF-20 in 19x11" weighs 25.9 pounds

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Gloss Gunmetal


Center Caps:

The center caps are black. We recommend removing them before tracking the car. High brake temperatures on track can melt all plastic center caps.


    This item cannot be shipped USPS - UPS shipping only. Customers near Dallas, TX please contact us for pick-up options.