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Hypercoil 60mm ID Coilover Spring (each)

Vorshlag Motorsports has a great relationship with Hyperco, makers of the Hypercoil spring - we are now a Hyperco Stocking Distributor. While many companies use springs to expand their product line, Hyperco only makes springs. They are also made in the USA, which many times decreases lead time significantly. Hypercoils can be found on leading race cars in Grand Am, IRL and many other forms of motorsports.

Many people will measure a spring on how close it matches its "labeled" rate. In other words, is a 500 lb/in spring really 500 pounds/in? This accuracy is table stakes for Hyperco. They actually take it a step further. How long does the spring maintain its linear rate before the rate begins to ramp until coil bind? In testing many Name Brand off the shelf springs versus Hypercoils, the Hypercoil spring held its rate longer, sometimes up to an inch more travel than the typical spring. This is partly due to Hyperco's new Optimum Body Diameter (OBD) design, new for 2008. See the video below for more information

As part of our distribution agreement with Hyperco, Vorshlag asked Hyperco to make custom springs specifically for the BMW community. Some of the key factors we wanted for coilover springs were:

  • Rates measured in pounds/in - no more converting from metric equivalents.
  • 60mm internal diameter - 60mm springs are lighter than 2.5" springs and work in common applications.
  • Custom lengths - since 6" springs are too long in some applications, and 5" springs are too short in others, we had them make a new array of 60mm springs in 5.5" lengths just for Vorshlag.

Please see the options in the drop downs below - these are the springs we stock and this list will continue to grow as we expand our inventory. We can also order anything Hyperco makes - just drop us an e-mail if you don't see the Hyperco spring you need.
Shipping weight 2.8 pounds. Remember, this cart entry is for ONE SPRING.

We stock several sizes